R. F. Shoemaker and Almira Lowmiller

The son of Samuel G. Shoemaker and Mary Pott, Robert Fleming Shoemaker (1835-1893) married Almira Lowmiller (1840-1923) on September 5, 1867.

R. F. Shoemaker Almira Lowmiller
Almira Lowmiller Almira Lowmiller

Robert was a farmer. He and Almira had seven children:

  • Amelia Pott (1869-1952), married Coleman Bubb
  • Jessie (1870-1946), buried in Muncy
  • Robert Fleming (b. 1872), moved to Ohio
  • Harold (1874), died in infancy, buried in Muncy
  • Emily Crouse (1875-1950), buried in Muncy, married Harry Herbert Houston
  • Paul E. (b. 1877), married Margarett Painter and moved to Idaho
  • Carl Ickis (1883-1941), buried in Muncy

Jessie Shoemaker

Jessie Shoemaker

Emily Crouse Shoemaker

Emily Crouse Shoemaker

Shoemaker family plot in Muncy Cemetery, E. Penn Street, Muncy, PA

More on the Lowmillers

Almira Lowmiller was a daughter of William Lowmiller (1809-1879) and Lanah  Van Steever (1815-1904). The Lowmillers had six children who survived infancy:

  • Almira (1840-1923), buried in Muncy
  • J. Henry (1843-1864), enlisted in the 84th Regiment – Pennsylvania Volunteers and died in a Falls Church, VA hospital
  • Marietta (1845-1924), married Roland B. Fiester and moved to Iowa
  • Jenetta (b. 1847)
  • William (b. 1852)
  • Elizabeth (b. 1855), married Warren B. Hoffman

Almira Lowmiller and friends

Almira Lowmiller and friends


Marietta Lowmiller


Jenetta Lowmiller

William Lowmiller came from Level Corners (west of Williamsport at a bend in the Susquehanna between Linden and Jersey Shore [1]) and wove coverlets. Later in life, he became a carpet weaver.[2] His father was likely Henry Lowmiller (1770-1844), who owned land in Anthony Township, northwest of Williamsport and north of Linden, PA. Henry Lowmiller was the son of Johann Heinrich Lowmiller of Kassel, Germany, who arrived in Philadelphia in 1752 and married Feronica Snevely.[3] They lived in Dauphin County, PA, possibly East Hanover Township.

William Lowmiller’s wife Lanah Van Steever[4] was born in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. The 1900 census lists her family as originating from Germany. Her family moved to Paradise Valley (south of Muncy, near Turbotville) and, before coming to Muncy, she lived with a friend in Sugar Valley (near Loganton, PA).[5]

William and Lanah married and moved to Muncy in 1838. They moved William’s weaving equipment from Level Corners by boat to their home at  124 S. Main Street in Muncy.[6] William dyed his own wool and used jacquard cards to make designs. Examples of William Lowmiller’s coverlets include:

Coverlet from Level Corners (1835)

Double-side coverlet from Muncy (1845)

A 1939 article on the Lowmillers

The Lowmillers are buried in the Muncy Cemetery on E. Penn Street.

[1] Mrs. Frederic Hoffman, “The Lowmiller Coverlids and their Makers” in The Muncy Luminary, June 15, 1939.

[2] Clarita S. Anderson, American Coverlets and Their Weavers (Colonial Williamburg Foundation, 2002). Accessed November 16, 2012, http://books.google.com/books?id=0WTYF82o5RgC.

[3] A Lowmiller genealogy is available at https://sites.google.com/site/kevinborland/lowmiller

[4] Variant spellings include seen in the census and in secondary sources: Lena, Lenah; Staver, Stover, Stuver

[5] Mrs. Frederic Hoffman, “The Lowmiller Coverlids and their Makers” in The Muncy Luminary, June 15, 1939.

[6] Ibid.


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